A well designed and executed project allows your dreams to be fulfilled. Consider this when taking on a project. You are not defining a house plan but a lifestyle, and life should be surprising yet comfortable. 

The design and construction of a custom house is a unique opportunity to move beyond the standard models;  to create an environment which not only accommodates a lifestyle but provides comfort, beauty and a sense of home. This is accomplished through volume and light, and through attention to how the house is experienced by owners and visitors alike.

Design should reveal itself slowly, welcoming visitors to enter, but making obvious where a further invitation might be required. Certain visitors will be asked only into the public rooms (living, dining, etc) while others will be invited to join with the family in more intimate settings.

At the same time the flow of the rooms and volumes should make daily life in the house livable and convenient. Such an approach is independent of style. Style is a set of clothes which must be considered and worn appropriately, but the bones of the house create the unique living environment.

Attention to how the volume of the house is experienced is critical, allowing for unexpected glimpses of daylight, a strong sense of place, and a comfortable flow between rooms in both interior and exterior settings. How light filters down a staircase can make rooms feel bigger than they are thus reducing the need for unneeded square footage.

All of this is not to say that style is not important. Each style carries with it a unique set of rules which must be followed. The rules of style cannot be overlooked, and must be applied with rigor, but each style has virtue unto itself; architecture constitutes the entire gamut of style.